A riveting tale of the early years of Tamils on film

- The Hindu, July 2, 2006. Read the full story.

A successful conversion of a verbal, emotive subject into captivating visual and aural content.
- Dr. E. Annamalai, Visiting Professor Emeritus, Yale

The production looks very good. The subject matter is one that is poorly understood in many parts of the world, especially in the west. So it has special value. The images and sound are excellent and the research well done.
- Dr. Richard M. Pettigrew, Founder, Archaeological Legacy Institute. www.archaeologychannel.org

Many thanks for introducing me to your video, it is most beautifully produced.

- Dr. Arran Stibbe, Founder, Ecology and Language Research Forum. www.ecoling.net

Uur is amazing both visually and aurally. I will forward it to many friends who speak and teach Tamil here. You should be congratulated for this excellent and most-needed film. I will be sure to use it in my classes once I start teaching.

- Kristin Bloomer, PhD Candidate, Divinity School, Chicago University